Q: Where can I purchase prints of your art?

A: I don't really have my work up anywhere for sale at the moment, but I plan on eventually setting up an official shop here on my website, if people are interested. If there is a particular piece of mine you'd like to purchase, please contact me at katebudak@gmail.com and I'd be happy to make a print for you. 


Q: Do you accept commissions? 

Sometimes, depending on how busy I am. if you are considering commissioning me- shoot an email at katebudak@gmail.com and I'll gladly give you more details. 


Q: Can I feature your work or comics on my blog/social media/website? 

A: Of course, as long as you credit me by name and a link back to my website. If you could notify me about the feature, that would be awesome. 


Q: What media do you use to produce your work? 

A: I use Photoshop and Illustrator for digital work along with a Intuos Pro Medium. For traditional media, I enjoy using blue Progresso pencils, Staedtler Pigment Liners, brush pens, Copic Markers, & Iridescent Gold paint.


Q: Where are you based? 

A: For most of the year I live and study in Pasadena, but I go back to my hometown of West Hollywood for the summers.


Q: Where else can I find you? 

A: You can find me and my work on various sites such as FacebookTapasticInstagramTumblr, Wordpress, Etsy, & Youtube.